COVID 19 Information

From September 2020 all students, staff and visitors to Moat House School must wear a face covering at all times whilst on the premises. This is to protect our pregnant students and vulnerable members of our community.



On 8 October 2019 our Nursery was visited by an Ofsted Inspector.  Moat House Nursery is officially rated as an Outstanding Nursery. Please see below a copy of their final report.  




On 5th and 6th March 2019 our school was visited by two Ofsted Inspectors.  We are delighted that Moat House is officially rated as an Outstanding school. The Headteacher and Governors would like to thank all staff, pupils, babies and parents for all their help, support and hard work.  Please see below a copy of their final report.  

10057890 – Moat House – Final PDF

Welcome to Moat House

Moat House School exists to support pregnant teenagers, teenage mothers and their baby through what can be both an exciting and challenging time in their lives.

Moat House is situated in a small building in Heaton Norris in the middle of a quiet residential area. It is easily reached by public transport from all parts of Stockport.

Our aims are to ensure that young mothers are able to continue their education, encouraging and supporting them to achieve the best possible academic results as well as supporting them into parenthood. We hope that when they leave Moat House, they are well prepared for life at college or the workplace as well as being responsible and loving parents to their children. We are very proud of the achievements of all our pupils; we are also privileged to see their babies growing and developing during the first year of their lives.

The support offered by all staff at Moat House, and the agencies we work with is second to none. Every member of staff works closely with parents and carers of pupils and their babies to achieve the very best possible outcomes for both.

We have an open door policy for parents and carers; however, if you wish to see a particular member of staff, please do telephone ahead in case that member of staff is not in school on that day. Other professionals and students (eg trainee midwives, school nurses) are welcome to visit. These visits are organised each half term and are group visits lasting about an hour. If you are interested, please telephone to make arrangements.

On this website, we have tried to give you a flavour of what Moat House has to offer. If you are a prospective pupil or her parent or carer, you are welcome to call for further information if you have not already done so.

I hope that you are able to find out the information you are looking for on the website, but if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

Lucy Cooney and Staff


Our School Policies can be made available

free of charge on request to parents, students and carers.

If you require a policy in a different language please specify.