Post 16 and Resit Year 11

We offer a range of options for students aged 16 to 19. There is the opportunity to follow a number of GCSE and Level 2 courses, as listed on the Key Stage 4 Curriculum page, including English and Maths where a grade 4 has not yet been achieved. Where it is more suitable for students, courses at Entry Level and Level 1 are available.

All students have different needs; this means that some students will have a full time timetable, whilst others will be part time or attend on a drop-in basis. Post 16 students are offered a range of courses, so whether it’s re-sitting some GCSEs full time, gaining new qualifications,  or simply meeting new mums and developing home-cooking and parenting skills, we offer a wide range of experiences to suit everyone’s needs.

This offer is flexible and bespoke, but most Year 12 students will be expected to attend for a minimum of 15 hours a week.