Resit Year 11

Following the “Raising of the Participation Age” in September 2013, students who would normally be in Y12 are expected to be in some type of education on training.

Some of these students will have completed Year 11 at High School, but for whatever reason may not have done as well in GCSEs as they wished.

The year can be repeated as if they were taking the whole year again.

For all current Y12 aged students there are some subjects which must be covered.

English and Mathematics

  • If a pupil already has a Grade C in either or both of these subjects they do not need to form part of their timetable.
  • Some students can be entered for re-sits in either or both of these exams in November.
  • If the pupil does not have these qualifications at this level, they should be working towards these subjects at a level appropriate to their ability.

These students will also be offered accreditation in GCSE and other subjects—see Key Stage 4 information. This offer is flexible, but most students will be expected to attend for a minimum of 15 hours a week.