Admission Arrangements

Admissions Policy and Referral Procedures

Moat House provides education for 14-19 students who are either pregnant, young mothers or vulnerable learners who would benefit from a bespoke personalised package to help them re-engage with learning. Moat House has an on-site nursery for their babies which is only open to mothers who attend Moat House School. 

Criteria for referral and admission to Moat House:

Category Admission / Referral Pathway
Students who are statutory school age and pregnant, beyond 12 weeks or more, or students who are KS4 (Edge of Care/LAC) and would benefit from a bespoke package. Referrals can be made by Stockport secondary schools. PRUs and academies, health professionals, Services for Young People, social workers and other appropriate agencies. Professionals and parents are welcome to call Moat House (429 9015) if they need support or advice about an admission.

For our admission criteria for the Alternative programme, please contact the Headteacher.

Students who are aged 17 in the current academic year and wish to re-sit all or part of Y11. In line with government expectations, wherever possible such students will be provided with a timetable of at least 15 hours of education. If such students do not have GCSE English and Maths at grade 4 or above, they will be expected to undertake courses in these subjects. If the student is coming towards the end of Y11, referrals can be made by schools, PRUs and academies 

After the beginning of an academic year, such students who are not engaged with education or training can be referred by the Teenage Pregnancy Midwives (through the Care Pathway) via Young Parents’ Project. Please contact Sarah Dadd (429 9015) for details.

 Pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers who are under 19 and not in education or training Referrals to the Young Parents’ Project can be made by the Teenage Pregnancy Midwives. Subject to capacity an offer of education / parenting could be made. Please contact Sarah Dadd (429 9015) for details.


Referral Process and Procedures

Referrals and admission to Moat House is for those who:

  • KS4, Edge of Care/LAC
  • Fit into one of the above categories
  • Will be at least 12 weeks pregnant at the time of their admission
  • Have made a firm decision to continue with the pregnancy
  • Are intending to keep the baby after the birth (if this is not the case, please contact Moat House to find out about any support we might be able to offer).

Professionals wishing to make a referral to Moat House must contact the Headteacher to arrange a meeting to ensure the referral is appropriate.

Dual Registration

The majority of statutory school age students will remain on the register of their referring provision as “Dual Registered Students”. 


For the majority of students no charge is made for their place at Moat House. There may be a charge for students of statutory school age who are currently placed in Stockport but are not registered at a Stockport Local Authority school. This charge will be the responsibility of their home Local Authority. Professionals, who wish to discuss the possibility of a place/charge, are asked to contact the Headteacher for further information. 

The cost of a baby’s nursery place is covered by Care to Learn. This is a government scheme which pays for the cost of childcare for young parents who are in education or training. Applications for this will be made by staff at Moat House.