Curriculum Policy

Please see our Curriculum Policy below:

September 2023

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Teaching and Learning Policy.

Moat House provides education for Key Stage 4 young people who are struggling to access mainstream education, alongside students aged 14- 19, who are either pregnant or are young parents. There is an on-site nursery available solely for the babies of parents who attend Moat House.

Some of our students are:

  • Dual registered with a mainstream school, completing GCSEs
  • Single registered completing a one year GCSE and Functional Skills path way
  • Completing a two year GCSE path way
  • Joining Moat House to be supported during their pregnancy, access the Nursery and gain further qualifications to enable them to access Level 2 courses in future
  • Re-engaging with education long periods of absence

Mission Statement

To establish a safe and happy environment in which everyone is encouraged and supported in developing their maximum potential.


The development of each student’s maximum potential is dependent on many factors, some of which are beyond the scope of Moat House. However, if a student is to reach the highest possible level of attainment, a personalised learning programme which considers their starting point and their individual needs is essential.

We aim to encourage students to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered at Moat House and to enjoy their learning. Many students who are referred to Moat House are vulnerable for many reasons. These may include: un-planned pregnancy; parental separation and subsequent re-constitution of the family; bereavement; physical or mental health issues; social, emotional and behavioural difficulties; special educational needs; permanent exclusion from school; Cared for Children; Child Protection matters. Our intent is that our students leave Moat House better prepared for the work place or the learning environment, where they will continue their education, and to ensure that they have the skills and confidence to make further progress and reach their potential.

Our Lifeskills, cookery and Advice, Information and Guidance lessons equip students for independent living, and as a young parent where relevant, and also support them to enable access to multi agency support services which are available locally.

We aim to:

  • Provide a learning environment which is happy, welcoming and safe yet challenging and stimulating for students, staff and babies alike
  • Support and care for students, babies and staff so that they are able to enjoy their work and look forward to coming to school
  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary to enable students to lead healthy, fulfilling and independent lives
  • Ensure that students leave Moat House with qualifications and skills which will prepare them for further education, employment or training
  • Respect and value the many differences between individuals and believe that everyone has unique talents, skills and potential which should be encouraged, developed and celebrated
  • Involve parents and carers, other agencies and the wider community in the work of Moat House
  • Deliver a range of learning experiences which will encourage confidence, self-worth and self belief
  • Provide an environment in which literacy is a priority, allowing students to develop a range of reading and writing skills, and acquire and build a broader vocabulary

Encourage an atmosphere in which all are supportive of each other and work cooperatively

Expectations of Learners

The Headteacher as part of the referral interview meets with the student to emphasise the expectations of learners. These are to:

  • attend Moat House as per timetabled sessions
  • attend lessons punctually
  • dress appropriately and modestly as you would for the work place
  • speak to all students and staff with language that is appropriate and respectful
  • not bring illegal substances onto School premises
  • not use racist language, make homophobic comments or encourage others to be less tolerant of others
  • respect the personal space of others
  • not disrupt the learning of others
  • respect the fabric of Moat House and its contents
  • not bring the reputation of Moat House into disrepute – including disrespectful comments on social media about any member of the Moat House community

To follow the basic Safeguarding rules of:

  • Entering the building through the main front door
  • Surrendering mobile phone to the Office staff / nursery staff on arrival

To not open any external doors for any other student /visitor

Our Personalised Curriculum enables students to be taught in stages rather than ages and students can complete a range of GCSE / Unit Awards / Functional Skills. Where possible School age students are supported to continue to work on those subjects which they had chosen at mainstream – either here at Moat House or with support from their original school.


English (from level 1 through to 9-1 GCSE) Maths (from level 1 through to 9-1 GCSE) RSHE
Reading/ literacy intervention

Students can also choose to follow: GCSE Biology
GCSE English Literature
GCSE Business Studies

Level 1/ level 2 Award in Health and Social Care GCSE Religious Studies
GCSE Physics
GCSE Statistics

During the year students may also complete: Art / photography
Digital Functional Skills
Cookery course including Unit Awards

Unit Awards – Science / Child Development / Health & Social Care

Lucy Cooney September 2023

Ofsted Outstanding

“Teachers use assessment information most effectively to plan for individual students needs.”

“An enriching and enjoyable curriculum.”

“The quality of teaching, learning and assessments is outstanding.”

“Students make substantial and sustained progress – they attain a range of accreditation.”