Reading for All

At Moat House, reading is prioritised for all students and babies. Reading across the curriculum, as well as reading for pleasure, is encouraged across school by all staff. In lessons, reading skills such as comprehension, inference and analysis are taught and re-enforced routinely.

In school, we provide a learning environment rich with diverse literature to challenge all students. Individualised reading schemes are tailored to students’ preferences, providing students with the opportunity to access a variety of ambitious and stimulating texts including non-fiction, poetry and play scripts. Events including World Book Day and National Poetry Day are celebrated throughout school to encourage a love of literature.

Specialised, age appropriate reading interventions are delivered by trained staff for our students with the weakest literacy skills, focussing on decoding, comprehension and inference. Interventions incorporate more demanding vocabulary and real reading material to improve reading skills, educational attainment and life chances.

In the nursery, our staff work hard alongside our young parents by encouraging and modelling early reading. Students rebuild confidence and self-belief to continue reading at home with their babies; in turn reading for pleasure is promoted for both babies and their parents.

All students at Moat House are guided to discover a love for reading, facilitating re-engagement in learning across the whole curriculum and enhancing life opportunities beyond school.

Please click below to download our statement of Literacy Across the Curriculum:

Literacy Across the Curriculum 2023