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Assessment, Recording and Reporting

This policy is designed to provide details of:

• the purpose of assessment
• the ways assessment may be carried out
• how marking is carried out at Moat House and how it is used to inform staff and pupils of how well pupils are doing
• how results of assessments are recorded for individual pupils (tracking)
• how results are reported to pupils, parents and the Local Authority

Please see the policy below:

Assessment Marking and Recording Policy 2023


Behaviour Policy

Please click on the link below for the Behaviour Policy:

Behaviour Policy 2023

Careers Policy

Please click on the link below for the Careers Policy:

Careers Policy

Charging, Remissions and Letting Policy

Please click on the link below for the policy:

Charging lettings and remissions policy 2024-26

Complaints Policy

Complaints about schools

The vast majority of concerns and complaints are dealt with immediately, satisfactorily, and through informal discussions with senior staff at Moat House.

Below is the link to the complete Stockport complaints procedure:

Complaints procedure


The purpose of this exam policy is:

  • to ensure the planning and management of exams is conducted efficiently and in the best interest of candidates
  • to ensure the operation of an efficient exam system with clear guidelines for all relevant staff.

It is the responsibility of everyone involved in the school’s exam processes to read, understand and implement this policy.

This exam policy will be reviewed annually.

This exam policy will be reviewed by the Head teacher, Deputy Heads and the Exams Officer.

Moat House School_Examination Policy

Equality Objectives

Please click here to see our Equality Policy:

Equality Policy


As a unique 14-19 PRU with an onsite Nursery we are funded by a combination of:

  • Local Authority Designated Schools Grant / High needs top up funding
  • ESFA 16 -19 programme funding
  • Care to Learn childcare funding
  • Educational Bursary / Vulnerable Bursary

We have also received COVID catch up monies during 2020-2021

We work closely with Stockport LA finance team to monitor / review spend.

The link to Moat House Financial Benchmarking is


There are no members of staff in this organisation who earn more than £100,000.

Coronavirus (Covid 19) Catch up premium

This grant was used to support students who had missed learning opportunities, especially in English and Maths, to be able to access extra sessions and sit exams.  These catch up sessions required extra teaching hours.  This was agreed with subject leaders and The Governing Body.  Students were able to be entered for November resit GCSEs and Functional Skills exams. Moat House was also awarded 17 laptops from the DfE to assist post 16 and the EHCP students with remote learning.

Medical Conditions Policy

At Moat House we are an inclusive community that aims to support and welcome pupils with medical conditions.

We aim to provide all pupils with all medical conditions the same opportunities as others at school.

We will help to ensure they can through the following:

  • Moat House ensures all staff understand their duty of care to children and young people (see appendix 7) in the event of an emergency
  • All staff feel confident in knowing what to do in an emergency (see appendix 7)
  • Moat House understands that certain medical conditions are serious and can be potentially life threatening, particularly if ill managed or misunderstood
  • Moat House understands the importance of medication being taken as prescribed
  • All staff understand the common medical conditions that affect children at this school. This school allows adequate time for staff to receive training on the impact medical conditions can have on pupils
  • Staff receive additional training about any children they may be working with who have complex health needs supported by an Individual Health Plan (IHP)

This policy is followed and understood by our school community, the Local Authority and Stockport Foundation Trust

The policy has been reviewed on 9 June 2021.

Medical Conditions in Schools Policy

Positive Handling

Please click on the link below for the Positive Handling Policy:

Moat House Positive Handling 2023

Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil Premium Statement

Staff at Moat House are committed to ensuring that all students reach their full potential, and strive to ensure that whatever their starting point when they arrive at the school, they achieve to the very best of their ability.

Pupil Premium is an additional grant which provides additional funding for pupils up to the end of Y11 who are in receipt of free school meals, or who have been in receipt of free school meals in the past 6 years. An additional grant, Pupil Premium Plus, is available from the Virtual School to support the education of Cared for Children.

Moat House re-claims Pupil Premium from referring schools to support these pupils, and claims Pupil Premium Plus from the Virtual School where appropriate.

The designated teacher with responsibility for Pupil Premium is the Headteacher.

Moat House Pupil Premium Strategy

Statement of Bursary Payments (Post 16)

Please click below to see the Moat House Bursary Policy:

Moat House Bursary Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

At Moat House we undertake to:

  • provide a learning environment which is happy, welcoming and safe yet challenging and stimulating for students, staff and babies alike
  • support and care for students, babies and staff so that they are able to enjoy their work and look forward to coming to school
  • develop knowledge and skills necessary to enable students to lead healthy, fulfilling and independent lives
  • ensure that students leave Moat House with qualifications and skills including Functional Skills which will prepare them for Further Education, employment or training
  • respect and value the many differences between individuals and believe that everyone has unique talents, skills and potential which should be encouraged, developed and celebrated
  • involve parents, carers, other educational establishments and agencies, and the wider community, in the work of Moat House
  • provide a range of learning experiences which will encourage confidence, self-worth and self belief
  • encourage an atmosphere in which all are supportive of each other and work together effectively

Teaching and Learning Policy 2024

Ofsted Outstanding

“Exceptional outcomes for students.”

“The majority of students, including those with SEND, the most able and those who are disadvantaged, make good or better progress from their starting points in all subjects, including English and Mathematics.”