Statement of Bursary Payments (Post 16)

Moat House Bursary Policy

Moat House Bursary Policy

What is the 16 – 19 Bursary?

This is money given by the government to Moat House to help you pay for the cost of studying.  You will need to meet certain eligibility rules in order to apply for the Bursary.


To be eligible students must be:

Students in most need will receive a bursary to the value of £1200 per year to cover the costs of travel, equipment and meals.  These students are:

  • Young people in care/care leavers
  • Young people on income support such as teenage parents, teenagers living away from their parents and young people whose parents have died
  • Young people with a severe disability in receipt of Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.


In addition students must:

  • Be aged 16 to under 19 on 31st August in the academic year in which you start your course.
  • Have satisfactory attendance and behaviour.


What information is required with the application form?


Applicants will be required to show:

  • Copy of your latest Income Support Award letter
  • Copy of your latest Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance letter
  • Written confirmation of your current or previous looked after status from the Local Authority who looks after you or provides your leaving care service.


What happens when you have returned your form?

  • Bursaries will, in most circumstances, be paid monthly.  If your attendance or behaviour proves to be unsatisfactory, Bursary instalments will be withheld or withdrawn.
  • If you are awarded a Bursary and leave before the completion of your course you will no longer be able to claim.


How will payments be made?

  • Payments will be made directly to your bank account.
  • You must ensure that you fill out Bank details, on the application form.


Terms and Conditions

  • Student’s applications for the Bursary must be enrolled and attending a course at Moat House for more than 15 hours a week for a full bursary.  Pro rate bursary may be available if you attend for fewer hours than this.
  • All awards made are subject to school’s 90% minimum attendance policy, which will be strictly adhered to.
  • Awards will, be in instalments, paid monthly.
  • Payment to students will be made by bank transfer.
  • If attendance, performance or behaviour proves to be unsatisfactory, any Bursary instalments will be withheld or withdrawn.
  • If you cannot attend because of an important appointment, eg scan, baby immunisations, an appointment letter or card must be shown.  Routine appointments, eg dentists, will be treated as an absence