Teaching and Learning Policy

At Moat House we undertake to:

  • provide a learning environment which is happy, welcoming and safe yet challenging and stimulating for pupils, staff and babies alike
  • support and care for pupils, babies and staff so that they are able to enjoy their work and look forward to coming to school
  • develop knowledge and skills necessary to enable pupils, with their babies, to lead healthy, fulfilling and independent lives
  • ensure that pupils leave Moat House with qualifications and skills including Functional Skills which will prepare them for further education, employment or training
  • respect and value the many differences between individuals and believe that everyone has unique talents, skills and potential which should be encouraged, developed and celebrated
  • involve parents, other agencies and the wider community in the work of Moat House
  • provide a range of learning experiences which will encourage confidence, self-worth and self belief
  • encourage an atmosphere in which all are supportive of each other and work

Teaching and Learning Policy 2021